BIG002 : Brad Copeland – Bye

Posted on September 10, 2007

Brad’s long overdue first official solo release, and a taste of things to come.

The famous-est DJ you are thinking about right now told us BYE was:
“a seatbelt-less thrill ride I never want to get off on”

For the Remix, we turned to none other than our good pal, Boston based Chris Micali, who coincidentally owed us a case of Zima – so to square his debt we had him make us a mix and name it after Brad’s tyrannical cat. (“Chairman Meow”) Micali has always been inspired by our trendsetterness, and he liked our idea of releasing music on a “record” label so much he started his own record “label” apparently called Commonwealth Recordings. If you get sick of our fantastic releases, you should exchange money or malternative for some of his.


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